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OKBET Revamped Lesley in MLBB patch 1.7.20 | Every tank’s greatest fear at OKBET MLBB Esports


OKBET Revamped Lesley | OKBET MLBB Esports

OKBET Revamped Lesley, it just takes one gunshot.

Moonton has launched Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.7.20 which is OKBET Revamped Lesley, and as part of the Project NEXT effort, the developers have updated the character models and animations of Gusion and Lesley, two characters debuted in 2018 at OKBET MLBB Esports.

OKBET Revamped Lesley

The developers decided to go above and above for Lesley. Rather than just changing her character appearance and skill effects, like they did with Gusion, they have also polished several of her abilities.

OKBET Revamped Lesley has always been considered a situational option because to her lack of mobility and early game damage. However, her ability upgrades have made her a viable option in a meta where tanks are now played in the jungle and EXP lane.

OKBET Revamped Lesley’s changes in Mobile Legends patch 1.7.20

OKBET Revamped Lesley


  • Attack Growth dropped from 9 to 7 Attack Speed Ratio fell from 100% to 80% Base Attack rose from 131 to 140

Lethal Passive Shot

  • Crits from Lethal Shot now inflict true damage, however the basic crit damage has been lowered.
  • Each fixed physical penetration point is transformed into crit damage at a predetermined ratio.
  • Damage was reduced from 120% to 110% physical attack.
  • Fixed a bug in which certain equipment did not get a bonus crit chance from this skill.

Master of Camouflage is Skill 1

  • It now has brand-new textures and is camouflaged to better complement the effect.
  • It has also been updated for smoother combinations with basic strikes.
  • The extra physical attack range has been reduced from 75-200 to 85-135
  • Fixed a bug in which certain equipment did not get a bonus attack from this skill.

Tactical Grenade of OKBET Revamped Lesley (Skill 2)

Its casting range has been somewhat expanded on OKBET Revamped Lesley, the animation and visual effects have been redone, and its combinations with basic strikes and Skill 1 have been adjusted.

Snipe – Ultimate Snipe

  • The indication and visual effects have been redesigned.
  • The base damage of Fatal Bullet has been raised from 200-300 to 250-350.
  • Added a new passive effect: Gains critical chance (5%-15%) dependent on skill level
OKBET Revamped Lesley

The most significant change to the Deadly Sniper OKBET Revamped Lesley in patch 1.7.20 is that her first talent, Lethal Shot, now delivers real damage. Prior to the upgrade, only two marksman heroes in the game could deliver actual damage: Karrie and Wanwan.

This modification is already having an effect on rated games. According to MLBB statistics, Lesley has surpassed Beatrix as the second most popular hero in Mythic III and above for the first time since her debut.

Ultimate Snipe’s basic damage has also been boosted somewhat, and it now has an additional 5% crit chance every skill level.

While these adjustments are good in the current meta, which favors tank junglers, she will have less influence in the laning phase versus marksmen with gap closers. Her attack growth per level and attack speed ratio have been decreased to balance off the increase in basic damage.

In addition, Lethal Shot does less critical damage. Unless you’re fighting against someone who has previously constructed protective equipment, you’re unlikely to cause as much damage.

In summary, Lesley is an excellent marksman versus a tanky lineup, but she pales in comparison to other marksmen heroes with strong DPS and gap closers.

Lesley’s selection in the MPL PH and MPL ID this season remains to be seen, since new and reworked heroes are only permitted in pro play two weeks following their introduction.

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OKBET Revamped Lesley
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