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OKBET PUBG Tips, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a tough multiplayer game, but you can only learn through playing. The purpose of the battle royale-style game is to be the last person standing. Now that it’s on Xbox One, it’s time to go for the chicken supper.

Without a tutorial, single-player mode, or other typical learning tools, most PUBG players learn through being killed. You can shorten the learning curve with some basic knowledge. Here are 12 basic PUBG tips to get you started.

Smarts, speed

Up to 100 people parachut OKBET PUBG Tips into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. You must use stealth, fighting, and situational awareness to eliminate other players and avoid being dumped. You’ll have air control as soon as the contest begins. You may observe other players and avoid them during this period.


Battlegrounds’ scope is fascinating at OKBET PUBG Tips. The island is large, enabling you to explore it for weaponry, and offers different landscapes from power plants to dwellings to woodlands. Quickness and intelligence are needed to win. When traveling about, sometimes it’s best to holster your weapon to build up speed. Sometimes it’s better to act swiftly, despite being more exposed. Indoors and out, pay attention to your surroundings and attempt to predict where other players could be waiting for you. Bathtubs are a typical hiding area. Be patient and careful to outwit other players. Than remain alive, avoiding a conflict is often preferable to selecting one. Let other players do your hard work, then kill them while they’re defenseless. Players that kill more regularly earn better gear, which might hurt you later in Battlegrounds.

Controls to master

First, familiarize yourself with the game’s controls and make any desired tweaks. You’ll need all your talents to play well. Holding Alt (on PC) or the left stick lets you turn your head (Xbox One) at OKBET PUBG Tips. Holding Alt or RB in third-person view mode lets you turn the camera to see all around without moving. The island is big, therefore you must always watch for other players. You’ll only win if you’re more aware of your surroundings than your opponents.


Crouching and going prone reduce your visibility and movement noise. Holding Alt makes your character slower and quieter. B or left on the D-pad lets you swap guns’ shooting modes, while Tab or Option opens your inventory and allows you plunder adjacent corpses. More on PUBG’s inventory management later.

Tap, not hold at OKBET PUBG Tips, the left trigger on Xbox to aim down sights. Back opens the map, and LB accelerates. To move to first-person, press RB.

Circle Alert

PUBG doesn’t let you roam the island at will. Eventually, the play area constricts; check the in-game map with the M key to see the new play field and a timer. When the timer runs out, a blue circle will encircle the white one. If you’re outside the white circle when the blue one comes, you’ll incur damage. As the game progresses, the blue forcefield will kill you more swiftly. To prevent death, you must also hunt down and battle other players (or avoid them). Each smaller circle implies you’ll encounter more players.


Knowing where the circle is and how it affects you is crucial in PUBG. Smart players foresee other players’ moves and attack them as they escape the circle’s fatal contractions on the OKBET PUBG Tips. People wait on bridges and other choke points where others must cross to stay in the circle. Anticipating where the circle will compel players to go can help you survive.

Gear 101

In OKBET PUBG Tips, you start with just your clothing. You may punch a player if you meet them instantly, but every drop is a scramble for structures and firearms. Guns and other equipment are usually always inside buildings, so you’ll need to roam about.

Your first priority is to equip yourself, but you’ll need more. Body armor, bags, and health supplies are in PUBG. You want a vest and helmet in every game. Higher-tiered gear may protect more susceptible body parts, such as a tier 3 helmet with a facemask. Not invincible, but you can absorb greater damage and use fewer healing items before dying.


Third-tier armor and backpacks are uncommon and effective. You may anticipate other players to be inspecting buildings for better items. Expect your opponents to be well-equipped late in a match. Look for better gear in buildings or on people you kill.


Even with the largest backpacks and greatest gear in Battlegrounds at OKBET PUBG Tips, you can’t carry much. First aid supplies, energy drinks, and ammunition boxes have limited pocket space. PUBG is a lot about understanding what to take and leave behind and equipping your weapons swiftly.

Tab or Option can access your character’s inventory, but you’re exposed while using the menus. On the Inventory panel, you may equip two rifles or SMGs, a pistol, a melee weapon, grenades, and armor. You can pick up gear from the top-left corner of the screen instead than looking at each separately and pressing F or X at OKBET PUBG Tips. From there, you may drag goods straight to your character, canceling the “pick-up” action that leaves them susceptible. Once you know where gear belongs, it might save your life when you need a gun or ammunition.


Prioritizing inventory is crucial. You should just bring ammunition for your firearms. Bandages can only repair up to 75% health, so save just a few and save room for boosters, medkits, and first aid kits. Effective grenades have limited applications. Attachments for weapons you don’t have, unless they’re incredibly uncommon and possibly helpful (like suppressors), are dead weight and take up inventory space at OKBET PUBG Tips, particularly in lower-tiered backpacks. If you have a Tier 2 or 3 backpack, carrying ammunition or attachments for sought weapons might prevent the adversary from gaining them.

While you want to locate excellent stuff fast in PUBG, you should also discard useless items. More crucial than pistol ammunition is assault rifle ammo. Even damaged Tier 3 body armor stops more bullets than a Tier 1 vest.

Sound Rules

PUBG requires situational awareness. The island is so huge that you may go for long periods without seeing other players, but seeing them before they notice you is key to making it to the finish. But sound is perhaps more crucial at OKBET PUBG Tips.

PUBG’s sound travels far. Firing a gun will be heard far away, attracting additional players to your position. Driving a car produces additional noise, proclaiming your location. Locally, footfall are loud. You’ll frequently hear players before you see them, so understanding where to ambush them and where they may ambush you is vital.


Battlegrounds is best played with wraparound stereo headphones. Your strongest weapons are your ears. You’ll usually hear other players before seeing them.


In PUBG, you must move and obtain better equipment. Hiding in the centre of the circle could seem like a smart plan, but you’ll frequently handicap yourself. You might reach the Top 10 in a game if you hide in an attic for 20 minutes at OKBET PUBG Tips, but you’ll be weak compared to the other players. Learn when to be cautious and when to take chances.

Check a building quickly, take what you need, and go on. Be vigilant. Open doorways are helpful for beginning players. PUBG’s doors are locked by default, therefore open doors were opened by players. Close doors behind you to throw someone off your track or set up an ambush by making a building appear undisturbed while you’re hidden inside. If the outer doors are closed and you fear an adversary is nearby, examine the windows. If you can see open inside doors from the outside, you may dodge a trap.

The largest, most fascinating buildings—apartments, the power plant, the military post, the school, etc.—often have the greatest equipment at OKBET PUBG Tips. They also attract the most gamers who want to find expensive stuff in big areas.

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