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OKBET PUBG Patch Notes

OKBET PUBG Patch Notes for New State Mobile v0.9.40: The October update includes a new game mode, personalization, and several other enhancements! Hello there, Survivors! Krafton has released the New State Mobile October update at OKBET PUBG Patch Notes. The October update includes a new game mode, personalization, and several other enhancements! Check out our patch notes for more information! With today’s patch, NEW STATE LABS’s new ‘Recruit Mode’ and partnership with DeadByDaylight will be available! Check out all of the upcoming bonus features.

OKBET PUBG Patch Notes

New Information (NEW STATE LABS)

Recruit Mode is a new LABS feature at OKBET PUBG Patch Notes

The new ‘Recruit Mode’ is featured in our second LABS material at OKBET PUBG Patch Notes.
In this new Akinta game style, you will be able to recruit quicker in order to build a larger team.
In Recruit Mode, you may recruit up to 8 players for your team.
Recruit speed is now doubled, enabling you to complete a recruit in only 5 seconds.
Furthermore, after finishing a recruit, your HP and boost will be restored to 100%.
Stay tuned as we continue to add more information to NEW STATE LABS.

OKBET PUBG Patch Notes

OKBET PUBG Patch Notes for New State Mobile v0.9.40: The October update includes a new game mode, personalization, and several other enhancements!

System for Rotating Maps

Maps may now be accessed exclusively at certain periods thanks to the new rotation mechanism. ‘Recruit Mode’ will be implemented with map rotation for this update, which means the mode will only be playable at specific periods at OKBET PUBG Patch Notes. Recruit Mode will be accessible for 4 hours after the weekend Hot Time has ended.

  • 21:0001:00 America (UTC)
  • Asia – 10:00~14:00 (UTC) (UTC)
  • 06:0010:00 East Asia (UTC)
  • 14:0018:00 Europe (UTC)
  • MENA – 12:00~16:00 (UTC) (UTC)
  • 10:00-14:00 South Asia (UTC)

New Weapon Personalization

  • M24 [C2]: Bullet Tracking
  • The name of M24 [C2] has been modified from “Bipod” to “Tracking Bullet.”
  • The new tracking bullet marks a struck adversary with an indication that you and your teammates may monitor for 10 seconds.
  • Even if the adversary is hidden behind cover, this indication will be visible.
  • The following modifications are made as part of this customization:
  • Tracking bullet available – Magazine slot unavailable – Reload time reduced

Auto-Fire Mode

  • This new function has been implemented to help new players who are unfamiliar with the controls in NEW STATE.
  • When this option is selected, your weapon will automatically fire after locking on a target.
  • AR/DMR/LMG/SMG/SG/HG: Acts on targets within 150 meters.
  • SR/Crossbow: Acts on targets within 200 meters.
  • In Settings > Controls, you may turn the function on and off.
  • Collaboration on Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is the latest collaboration from NEW STATE MOBILE.

Check out the new upgradeable weapon and costumes, as well as the collaborative narrative missions for special prizes on OKBET PUBG Patch Notes!

FAQs (Questions and Answers)

  • Q: What is the price of the game? | A: It’s completely free.
  • Q: Which VOIP service does PUBG on PC use? | A: Vivox
  • Q: What anti-cheat does PUBG utilize on PC? | A: PUBG employs three anti-cheat systems. 1) BattlEye, and 2) their own anti-cheat mechanism. 3) The unknown
  • Q: What about bans? | A: Bans (justice) will be delivered to cheats in the form of Waves (similar to Rainbow Six: Siege), which is seen to be the most effective manner of catching a large number of cheaters.
  • Q: Does the game run in 64-bit or 32-bit mode? | A: 64 bit
  • Q: Apple or Linux? | A: “There are just not enough Linux gamers. The same may be said with Mac. We just do not have adequate resources at this time. It’s not on the agenda. I apologize.” [1]
  • Q: What game engine does it use? | A: It uses Unreal Engine 4.
  • Q: Which console? | A: PUBG is available on Xbox One and will soon be available on PlayStation 4. (sometime in 2018).
  • Q: How large is the map? | A: Map Erangel and Miramar are 8×8 km in size, whereas Sanhok is 4×4 km in size.
  • Q: Why is Erangel set in Russia? | A: Because PLAYERUNKNOWN like the desolate sense of Russia and the brutalist architecture.
  • Q: Will there ever be dynamic weather in a match (i.e. moving from day to night)? | A: “No, since the matches only last 30 minutes, thus it doesn’t make sense.” [2] As of August 8th, the feature is currently available on all maps. You will often get Sunny weather that will not change during the battle, but when the weather is gloomy, there is a good probability that it may rain or fog depending on the server. [3]
  • Q: What is the significance of the game’s familiarity? | A: It’s a blend of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Arma 2/3 modifications and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S licensed H1Z1 KotK Battle Royale mode.
  • Q: If I achieve good FPS on the test server, will it carry over to the stable version? | A: Playing on the test server should be taken with a grain of salt. Because test servers are not overworked, the servers on the test server will provide greater performance.
  • Q: Is there in-game text chat? | A: “That was exactly what I meant. Nobody wants to be in charge of an in-game text chat. We should have had to create bots to keep track of the news. We’d need word filters, and people would have to kick or even exile individuals if we didn’t. There are just too many trolls. Our voice chat is popular among gamers.” [4]
  • Q: e-Sports? | A: PUBG intends to hold four large tournaments (perhaps four times a year) for the best players on the leaderboards, in collaboration with notable broadcasters and YouTubers, to generate significant funds for charity. Then, with custom servers (in the future), you’ll be able to rent servers with leaderboards connected, allowing players to create their own leagues on their own servers. [5] [6]
  • Q: What do the numbers under the health bar indicate? | A: username, the #/version of the game’s update, and your server code (to report server lag, etc on the forums).
  • Q: Does your family have access to Steam? | A: Yes and no. If someone played PUBG for the first time and generated a login, that username will be used on any family share accounts to whom you shared PUBG. To discourage trolls and cheats, family sharing for new users has been disabled/removed.
  • Q: Who are the characters based on? | A: To match Erangel legend, they are modeled/designed to seem like battle-hardened mercenaries. The girl is based on ‘Sarah Connor (Terminator),’ while the masculine is based solely on gritty action flicks.

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OKBET PUBG Patch Notes
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