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OKBET Onic Esports, MPL ID’s new champion.

OKBET Onic Esports

The King of Kings has been dethroned by the yellow hedgehogs. OKBET Onic Esports wins the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia Season 10 (MPL ID Season 10) title with a 4-1 victory against reigning champion RRQ Hoshi in the grand final.

RRQ Hoshi defeated OKBET Onic Esports 3-1 in the lower bracket final yesterday. ONIC defeated Aura Fire 3-0 in the lower bracket final to earn a rematch with the reigning champion in the grand final.

OKBET ONIC Esports triumphs in the MPL ID Season 10 grand final

Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol got the series started with a perfect 6/0/5 KDA on his trademark Ling. Because the duel was so one-sided, RRQ were unable to demolish a single tower. RRQ Hoshi responded in the second game as midlaner Deden “Clayyy” Nurhasan earned his first career Savage on Valentina, finishing with an 8/0/10 kill total. But it would be RRQ Hoshi’s only victory in this grand final clash.

OKBET Onic Esports

OKBET Onic Esports then went on to win games three and four. With the championship trophy on the line, RRQ Hoshi held firm and tied OKBET Onic Esports in the fifth and final game. However, everything broke apart at the 18-minute mark when ONIC killed Albert Neilsen “Alberttt” Iskandar’s Dyrroth and the Enhanced Lord.

The Lord was employed to propel all three base turrets toward the crystal. RRQ attempted one more time to defend, but a last-second Maniac from Calvin “CW” Winata’s Lesley clinched the deal for OKBET Onic Esports.

Kairi was named grand final MVP following his outstanding performance in the jungle, only one day after being named regular season MVP. OKBET Onic Esports will also get the majority of the $300,000 prize money.

ONIC Esports and RRQ Hoshi will both represent Indonesia in the M4 World Championship in early 2019.

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RRQ Akira defends his MPL BR title and will represent Brazil at M4. RRQ Akira had one of the most dominating campaigns among MPL regions, winning all of their regular season and playoff series in a flawless run at the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Brazil Season 3 (MPL BR Season 3).

After finishing first in the regular season with a flawless 14-0 record, the Brazilian king of kings went on to claim the first grand final position in the playoffs by defeating Sons E-Sports in the upper bracket quarterfinal, 3-1, and rival DreamMax e-Sports in the upper bracket final, 3-1.

After losing 4-1 to DreamMax e-Sports in the grand final, RRQ Akira never looked back and successfully defended their title OKBET Onic Esports. With the victory, RRQ Akira will represent Brazil at the M4 World Championship in Indonesia early next year, their second outing in the M-series.

At the MPL BR Season 3 grand final, RRQ Akira defeated DreamMax e-Sports 4-1

DreamMax e-Sports won the first match of the series thanks to Nicolas Sanches “Akashi” Vieira’s 9/2/4 KDA on Irithel. That was DreamMax’s last victory in this best-of-seven series.

After dominating games two and three, RRQ was tested in game four. At the 14-minute mark, DreamMax had demolished all of RRQ’s towers, putting them on the defensive.

However, 16 minutes into the game, RRQ Akira turned things around by seizing the Enhanced Lord and killing three members near the pit. To achieve match point, all five headed directly to the midlane to demolish the base, disregarding the remaining two DreamMax members.

OKBET Onic Esports

Gustavo Da Costa “Gustalagusta” Lima of RRQ Akira excelled in the fifth and final game. He took out Abrao “Jump Style” Santos’ Balmond and Akashi’s Claude with Beatrix’s Renner and Nibiru.

DreamMax tried to fight off the three-lane attack with Claude and Lylia when RRQ grabbed the uncontested Lord at the 9-minute mark.

Lucas Felipe “Kiing” Godoy’s Akai, on the other hand, caught Balmond in the midlane with Hurricane Dance. Lais Mira “La La Land” Madureira attempted to assist, but was also taken off guard by RRQ’s configuration. RRQ moved straight to the crystal to win the series with two members down and the Lord marching on the bottom lane.

In addition to the M4 World Championship ticket, RRQ Akira will get the lion’s share of the US$30,000 prize money. For more MPL and M4 news, like OKBET Sportsbook on Facebook.

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OKBET Onic Esports
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