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OKBET Group Stage Betting Preview | LOL Worlds Second Group Stage 2022

okbet lol worlds 2022 group stage preview

OKBET Group Stage Betting Preview | OKBET LOL Worlds

OKBET Group Stage, it’s time for the second week of League of Legends Worlds groups, which is shaping up to be the most thrilling yet. Worlds is about halfway through and has been a great humdinger thus far, fiercely contested and filled with action. The group stage will be divided into two round robins, with each team playing three games. The latest of these concluded on Tuesday, and although the outcomes were mostly as expected, there were a few surprises.

Here’s our OKBET LoL Worlds betting preview of the second round of the OKBET Group Stage, which should help you understand what teams can anticipate and what’s at stake in the playoffs.

OKBET Group Stage

What occurs during the Worlds group stage?

The OKBET LoL Worlds event is divided into two phases, as it has been in past years. To begin, wildcard regions and third and fourth-seeded major area teams battled to qualify for the main tournament. The remaining group stage berths have been filled by four of them: DRX, Royal Never Give Up, Fnatic, and Evil Geniuses.

The true test begins now.

OKBET Group Stage

Groups for League of Legends Worlds 2022

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Cloud9DWG KIADRX100 Thieves
EDward GamingEvil GeniusesGAM EsportsCTBC Flying Oyster
FnaticG2 EsportsRogueGen.G
T1JD GamingTop EsportsRoyal Never Give Up

Here’s a rundown of how the group stage works:

  • The top clubs in each group will battle against each other to advance out of their respective groups and into the playoffs.
  • 16 teams have been divided into four groups.
  • Teams will fight in a double round-robin style to see who can beat who, with each match being a best-of-one.
  • Two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs, while the other two will be eliminated.
  • After one week, the playoff favorites are beginning to emerge. There have been 24 games completed, with another 24 scheduled for the weekend and the beginning of next week. Let’s take a look at how the groups are shaping up as we approach the final round-robin round.

Which teams are the favorites in the group?

OKBET Group Stage on Edward Gaming, Fnatic, and T1 are all tied at 2-1 in Group A. Most people would have assumed that EDG and T1 would be lock-ins for the top two seeds before the group stage began, but Fnatic has surpassed everyone’s expectations and brought the competition to life. Their triumph against T1 on Sunday will most likely go down as one of the tournament’s most memorable games at OKBET LoL Worlds.

That outcome absolutely defied most people’s forecasts for the Group A finals, setting the scene for a thrilling week. When the two teams meet again on Friday, we’ll find out if Fnatic’s win against T1 was a fluke. Assuming that LCS champions Cloud9 are out of contention after three consecutive defeats and are unlikely to beat either of these teams, we can reasonably infer that the outcomes of these three games – Edward Gaming vs T1, Fnatic versus T1, and Edward versus Fnatic – will determine who advances.

In all probability, this will be decided by a tie-breaker at OKBET Group Stage. If these three teams are tied after Friday, their head-to-head record will decide who advances. If there is a tie, the two teams with the highest Total Game Victory Time will compete in a tiebreaker to determine which team will play with the lower Total Game Victory Time team.

OKBET Group Stage

Group B seems to be more easy. JD Gaming are not just the OKBET LoL Worlds favorites to win their group, but also the crown, and seem to be the greatest team in the world right now. They’ve won all three games in their group so far, and it’s difficult to envision any of the other teams overcoming them in the round robin. The second playoff position will be decided between the LCK’s DWG KIA and the LEC’s G2 Esports, with the former leading with 2-1 and G2 behind with 1-2. North America’s Evil Geniuses, however, are winless and in fourth place.

Top Esports’ troubles have been one of the tournament’s greatest shocks, as they now sit third in Group C, with their lone victory coming against winless GAM Esports. They were outplayed by Rogue Esports, who won their group 3-0, and DRX, the LCK’s fourth seed. No one gave the latter much of a chance in this group, and despite their unusual LoL Worlds betting odds, they are currently second-best to Rogue to make the playoffs.

Royal Never Give Up had a terrible LPL season and are definitely eager to put it behind them. They have a 3-0 lead in Group D at OKBET Group Stage. While many thought that Gen.G would take the top seed following their dominant triumph at the LCK, RNG has held them in check. CTBC Flying Oyster and 100 Thieves are unlikely to compete against two teams of this level, meaning the LEC fifth seed and LCK champion will duel for first place in Group D over the next week.

This year’s Worlds event will feature one of the most difficult contests in history. Others teams seemed to be quite strong throughout the regional tests, but keep in mind that some are just superior on the world stage. Always check the OKBET LoL Worlds betting incentives before betting on any matches to take advantage of various sites’ bonuses!

OKBET Group Stage

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OKBET Group Stage
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