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Finest Heroes in Mobile Legends to oppose Joy | MLBB News 2022


Finest Heroes in Mobile Legends News

The three finest heroes in Mobile Legends to oppose Joy.

Finest Heroes

Stop the tiny rogue.

Joy, the Flash of Miracle, is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s newest assassin hero Finest Heroes. She is as nimble as Wanwan and can easily sprint many times on the battlefield.

Her skill set includes a one-of-a-kind catch for finest heroes. Players must groove to the rhythm with each dash during her second skill in order for her to deliver maximum damage and unlock her ultimate. Meow, Joyful Rhythm! If you like rhythm games, you’ll love this hero.

However, if you happen to be playing against her on the other side, she can be a real nuisance to deal with and exceedingly tough to track down in the latter phases of the game. Her dashes leave her invincible if she strikes a hero with her dash, therefore locking in heroes with crowd control abilities is insufficient.

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If you wish to stop her we have finest heroes, you must either disable her before she dashes or choose heroes who can take advantage of her dashes. Here are three heroes that can help you.

In Mobile Legends, there are three viable counters to Joy: Bang Bang


Finest heroes, Minsitthar is the only person in the Land of Dawn who can prevent heroes from using mobility spells. King’s Calling, his ultimate, generates a huge region around him that blocks all directional blink abilities. This implies that once his ultimate is triggered, Joy will be unable to perform her most vital talent.

Finest Heroes

If she attempts to leave King’s Calling, Minsitthar may use Spear of Glory to draw her back into the arena. If you have teammates close to provide damage, this is nearly always a definite kill.

Flicker is a must-have combat spell that can help you narrow the gap in team battles if she chooses to play it safe.


Phoveus is a great laner versus mobile heroes and the bane of all heroes with mobility talents finest heroes. When a hero dashes or blinks near him, he may use Demonic Force to immediately blink to their position and do damage.

Finest Heroes

As long as someone rushes near him, he may use the talent again. Because Joy must sprint four times to inflict maximum damage, Phoveus will have little trouble approaching her and killing her in team battles.

If you want to burst Phoveus when she uses her second skill, get the Ice Queen Wand and the Glowing Wand. If she gains an advantage, construct Radiant Armor to mitigate part of her damage.


Despite the fact that she lacks any talents that can prevent Joy from rushing about in team battles, Esmeralda can simply remain in one position and defeat the Flash of Miracle of finest heroes.

When Esmeralda does damage, she may absorb opponent shields and nullify opposing shields. She also gets a movement speed increase, making her an excellent pick versus nimble heroes like Joy.

Finest Heroes

After you’ve obtained Tough Boots and Enchanted Talisman, use Frostmoon Shield and Stardust Dance regularly throughout the laning phase to keep her at bay. It’s also critical to use Sprint as your fight spell since Esmeralda lacks the ability to blink in order to pursue Joy.

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